QuickBooks Services


An inexpensive tool that upgrades the integrity of your accounting system with instruction and follow-up support from Thomas P. Craig, CPA, PC.


Easy to get started

  • For the novice or the ‘accounting veteran’
  • We help choose the appropriate software (never more than you need, never less that you require. We tailor everything to you and your business)
  • We install on your PC
  • We teach secrets and shortcuts

Save money as soon as you start using it

A business management tool

  • Increase efficiency
  • Stay organized
  • Control inventory and ordering
  • Create estimates and invoices
  • Manage payables and receivables
  • Manage expenses
  • Generate reports (profit & loss, balance sheets, etc.)
  • Recover data for tax returns
  • Measure results
  • Identify strength and weakness
  • Get accurate data that leads to informed business decisions
  • And so much more


What you can measure, you can manage.  Let’s Talk.

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